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Introducing the New Student Center

Our student-focused future continues to grow with the addition of innovative and entrepreneurial education and campus expansion. We are committed to introducing students to programming and careers that provide them with the skills and knowledge to pursue careers right here in Washington County or throughout the world. The above architectural rendering showcases our proposed new Student Center. The structure is designed to enhance all aspects of student life. The WA student experience and the programming it supports may help the economy of our region.

The top floor will house our new Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. The demand for technology-based courses is expanding rapidly and we need to provide a progressive space for students to be innovative and entrepreneurial. We have innovative educators who have created signature programs for Washington Academy for decades and we want to support their work with spaces where they can continue to innovate.

The first floor will house our new dining hall. The dining hall will be large enough to host our August Alumni Reunions and other large group gatherings in a comfortable air conditioned space. Also of interest to our Alumni is the fact that this will allow us to return the Alumni Gym back over to the Athletic Department, reducing the need for late practices and providing a space for the development of intramural programs.

“This campus hub and the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship is a game changer. At WA, we’ve been about 'The Future' for over 200 years. In fact, it’s the very premise for our existence. However, the important distinction is that we’re not tasked with actually building the future. We simply have to build the kids, that will build the future. These two initiatives will allow us to build better kids,” explained Judson McBrine, Head of School.

For more information about giving to the new Student Center,
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