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Dining Services

All students have an opportunity to eat breakfast and lunch. In a cafeteria that meets the nutritional requirements of the Maine Child Nutrition Program. Boarding students will be provided dinner in addition to breakfast and lunch.

Breakfast is available daily to all students beginning at 7:25 AM and includes both hot and cold breakfast foods as well as a variety of fresh fruits, fruit juice, milk, cheese sticks, cereal, and yogurt.

After period one, there is a second chance to eat breakfast for students who may have missed it earlier.

Lunch is served buffet style and includes a hot meal plus an alternative choice. Each meal includes fresh fruit, vegetables, fruit juice, and milk.

Brunch is served on the weekends to our boarding students and features both hot and cold breakfast foods with a variety of fresh fruits.

* If a student requires a special diet, please alert the kitchen staff and they will do their best to offer appropriate accommodations.*





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