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Weekends and After School

Washington Academy provides numerous after school programs between 3:00 and 5:30pm for all residential students. Students are encouraged to participate in clubs, sports, open gym or trips to town. Once a quarter, the entire Residential Life community gathers for Color Games.

Washington Academy’s Residential Life Curriculum is a deliberate plan that aspires to help students reach their full potential through the experience of living in a diverse, educational setting. Learning is not limited to academics, but also takes place after class, in the dorm, on the athletic fields, and during free time.

WA’s Residential Life Curriculum creates a safe, healthy, cooperative, comfortable, educational experience that helps each student learn to:

  • Manage his or her own time and studies
  • Live respectfully and responsibly with others
  • Develop individual strength of character and understanding of others
  • Become prepared to function confidently and competently in a college environment

WA’s Residential Life Curriculum provides:

  • Unique “Placed-Based” Experiential Educational Curriculum to take full advantage of the Machias area, as well as Washington County and the entire regions of Downeast Maine.
  • State-wide activities and events on weekends, plus fine arts performances and local events. Shopping and recreation are also included on a regular basis.
  • Activity options for 3:00-5:30pm that include community service, sports programs, and clubs/activities.
  • Community-based extracurricular activities
  • Family style dinners where faculty and community members can come to enjoy dinner with students from around the world.
  • A dorm parent program that strives to ensure academic progress and success for each individual student living in the dormitory.


Weekend trips for Residential Life include:

  • Orono Trampoline Park
  • Paintball
  • Portland, Freeport
  • Pirate Fest in Eastport
  • Boston Trip
  • Ski Trips
  • Laser Tag
  • Trips to the Bangor Mall, movie theater, and bowling alley

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