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Washington Academy

Boarding Students



There's no place like home. That's why WA works hard to make students feel like they're with family. Boarding students have two options when making Washington Academy their home - living in a dormitory or staying with a host family.


Most students live in the Academy's spacious dorms. The Cates Dormitory for girls houses 32 students. There are two boys' dormitories: the Larson Dormitory which is home to 12 students and the Talbot Dormitory which houses 48 students. All of the dorms at WA are bright, comfortable, and kept tidy by a professional staff. Each dorm has wireless internet. Dorm parents live in the dorms, providing 24-hour supervision and support. All of our dorm parents are also teachers, so students have the chance to get to know them inside and outside of the classroom. Additional residential staff take students shopping, to the doctor if needed, and provide a listening ear.

All students eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the school cafeteria. Family-style meals can be prepared in each dorm's kitchen. The dorms also have lounge areas, storage, and laundry rooms.

Host Families

Each year a few WA students live with a local host family. The host families are carefully chosen. They are friendly and eager to open their homes and lives to WA students, sharing meals, going to the movies, and taking family trips. Frequently, students and their host families stay in touch long after graduation.

What do we do on the weekends and after school?


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