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Our Mission

Washington Academy ignites passion for learning through dynamic programs that emphasize intellectual curiosity, innovation, and community engagement. 



Welcome from Head of School


For 230 years, Washington Academy has been successfully helping young people take the first big step toward achieving their dreams. We recognize these dreams are as diverse as the students who attend here. Each year, over 400 students like you make a decision to attend WA, coming together to immerse yourselves in courses and make use of an environment that isn’t typically available at other secondary schools.

We're sure you will find a program or activity at Washington Academy that fits your unique personality, whether it's in the Center for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math or the Field School for Studies in Science, or the Center for Applied Technologies. Once you arrive, we'll assign you a long-term advisor and a peer pair who will help you choose your courses, manage your schedule, and get into the swing of your new life at the Academy. With a student-to-teacher ratio of 14:1, it won't be long before your teachers know you on a personal level. The safety of our rural area, the involvement of our small Maine community, and the sense of pride and tradition will all come together to make you ready to succeed in your new environment.

We’re looking forward to getting to know you.

Judson McBrine
Head of School 


Our History and Core Values