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General Questions

When will my student receive their schedule for the school year?

Schedules are typically mailed out during the third week of August.

What school supplies will my child need for their courses?

On the first day of school, teachers will hand out a course syllabus that will contain all required school supplies for that specific course. Students enrolled in a math class during the fall semester can find information regarding the required calculator for the course in the Program of Studies under the Mathematics section.

Does someone track my child's courses to make sure they are meeting all graduation requirements?

Yes! The Guidance Office tracks all student courses to make sure they are meeting all WA graduation requirements. In addition, we advise students regarding courses that would help to best prepare them to attend a four year college or university.

Does WA have an attendance policy?

WA does have an attendance policy, which is outlined in our student handbook on our Student Life page. Students are allowed to miss ten (10) school days in each semester. Anything beyond the ten (10) days results in the student attendance record being reviewed at the end of each semester by an attendance committee. Parental notes are required to prevent any impact to quarter grades.

Boarding Students

Do we pick up and drop off students from Portland or Boston?

No, we only pick up and drop off students in Bangor at the airport or the Concord bus station.

Can I cook in my room?

No, all cooking must be done in the common room area of your dorm.

Can I have a fan, heater or mini fridge in my dorm room?

Yes, you can have a fan, heater or fridge in your dorm room. You must first discuss this with the dorm director to make sure you obtain one that is safe and appropriate for the room.

Do I need to get my own blankets, sheets, and pillows?

Yes, you do. However, upon arrival new students will have a set of bedding provided until they have the opportunity to purchase their own. So there is not need to arrive with bedding.

How many students share a dorm room?

Most dorm rooms have a capacity of two students, some will accommodate three or four.

Will there be an opportunity to go shopping?

Yes. Res Life runs a bus every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, as well as on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month that takes students into Machias. In town there is a Hannaford (groceries), Rite Aid (pharmacy), various other stores and a few restaurants. On Saturdays, there are field trips that usually include a stop at Walmart or the Bangor Mall.