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Washington Academy
WA Varsity Volleyball Team

Athletics Welcome

History and heritage. Pride and tradition. These words define the Raider experience as Washington Academy athletes continue the 225 year legacy of success. WA holds Washington County, Eastern Maine, and state titles in many sports that we offer.

The athletic program at Washington Academy is an integral part of the overall student experience. Just over 2/3 of the student body plays on at least one of our many teams. These students are challenged to do their best through tough competition and caring coaches. They form friendships with teammates and gain a greater sense of their own talents and abilities.

Because of our size and location, our athletes compete around the state of Maine. We play at a level of competition that allows students to hone skills and gain experience, while still having exposure to interested college and university coaches.

Whether you are an accomplished athlete with your sights set on college athletics or a novice looking to enjoy a new sport, we have a place for you as a Raider. Come join our team.

Blaine Steeves
Athletic Director

Athletics Philosophy

We take being a Raider seriously. And it's not just about honing individual skills in hopes you can play on a college team someday. It’s about being part of a team and representing 225 years of athletic history. It’s also about building a future. At WA, we feel strongly that our athletic program enhances your mental alertness, physical growth, and develops a sense of citizenship.

Washington Academy’s athletic program is structured around participation in competitive athletics as the best way to develop physical health and teach life lessons. During any given school year, over 260 students will participate on at least one interscholastic team. Our philosophy is to provide a safe, healthy learning environment appropriate for individual athletic abilities with the ultimate goal of developing hard work, commitment, self respect, and respect of others.