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Athletic Hall of Fame

Washington Academy feels that our Athletic Hall of Fame is an ideal way to recognize our athletes for the highest standards of athletic sportsmanship, ethical conduct, character, and their significant contribution to Raider athletics.

On Saturday, August 6, 2022, the Gardner Gymnasium was filled with families for an evening of athletic recognition, reunion, and laughter in the induction ceremony of the  Raiders Athletic Hall of Fame, Class of 2022.

Coach,  Dick Gardner, a Class of 2018 inaugural Hall of Fame member, presented the awards to individual athletes. Honors were presented to Leon Look ‘49, Billy Moore ’65, Wendell Davis ’80, Scott Porter ’80,  Amy Griffin Powers ’89,  Joey Hunter ’89,  Kari Dennison Reynolds ’92,  Kayla Wood Burke ’08, Andi Flannery St. Pierre ’10, and Zachary Ragot ’12.

Team Honors were awarded to the Class of 1966-67 Cross Country team; Robert Bell, Victor Berry, Stephen Cates, Doug Colbeth, Randolph Faas, Kenneth Gardner, Lyle Guptill, Victor Harmon, Alan Lyford, Horace Moore, Donald Ridlon, Lee Richardson, Steven Ward, and Danny Wood. Posthumous awards were presented to the following Cross County teammates: Victor Berry; accepted by Peggy Berry and family, Doug Colbeth; accepted by Hosanna Jensen and Donald Ridlon.

In addition to the team and individual honors Coach, Dick Gardner was recognized and inducted again into the Hall for coaching the 1966 and 1967 Cross Country teams.

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Washington Academy

Athletic Hall of Fame Class of 2023

to be announced.