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  • The Fine Arts wing houses both an art studio and music room. The art room is equipped with areas for painting and sculpture, and supplies for printmaking. The music room is set up with tiered risers facing the conductor/instructor. The WA has a baby grand piano, various instruments, and a full steel drum set for the aspiring musician.
  • The WA Players showcase the dramatic talents of the school’s theatrical department through fall and spring productions.
  • For those more technologically inclined students, WA offers a creative outlet through Computer Aided Drafting and Applied Media.

Whatever your artistic bent, Washington Academy provides a creative outlet for expression.

Washington Academy’s arts programs are designed to challenge the creative and expressive powers of all students, from the gifted artist to those trying for the first time to shape a bowl on a potter’s wheel, act on stage, or perform in a choral ensemble. Each student must take one credit in the visual and performing arts, but opportunities to pursue art extend far beyond the classroom.

Visual Arts

The first thing you’ll see when entering the lobby of Gardner Gymnasium and Fine Arts wing is an impressive display of student art, some pieces of which have won awards and others that simply reflect the creative expression of an aspiring young artist. This visual display demonstrates Washington Academy’s commitment to furthering each student’s aesthetic sense and awareness of beauty.

The road to visual self-expression often begins in Art 1 which focuses on principles of design while working with all kinds of mediums including, acrylic paint, watercolor, ink, pencil, pastels, digital art and more. Students can advance to Art 2, Honors Art, and AP Studio Art.

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In this course, students of all levels have the opportunity to grow in their creative movement and dance vocabulary. Pulling movement and technique from modern, ballet, and contemporary styles, students will be exploring self-creation as well as mastering the skills to pick up given choreography.

Students are introduced to the various styles of dance and dance history helping them gain an appreciation and understanding of the art form. In addition, students gain skills that translate directly into their everyday lives. Kinesthetic awareness, musicality, and creativity are key elements that are stressed over this semester-long course. Social dances are incorporated as well including the rhumba, salsa, cha-cha, swing, waltz, and tango. Pilates is used as a form of cross-training for this practice.

See our Program of Studies for more information.


WA student violin

The music program here at Washington Academy has a place for everyone whether you are an experienced musician or have no experience at all. We have a wide variety of classes and ensembles offered to foster the growth of each students musicianship. Some of the classes we offer during the school day are band, chorus, guitar, and music theory.

For after school offerings we have jazz band and our a cappella group. Both of these groups offer more experienced musicians an opportunity to perform in a high level ensemble. For those looking for a future in music or who are interested in serving their school and community through music, we have the Tri-M Honor Society which also meets after school.

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The Washington Academy drama program involves the production of two plays over the course of the school year. Students of all experience levels are invited to participate in any acting or non-acting roles in either production. The fall play is usually a full length production. During the winter, the school participates in the state sponsored one act play festival involving plays less than forty minutes long. It is submitted as a competition piece to be performed regionally and possibly statewide. Student decision making and input is encouraged in both productions.

Applied Media

The goal of the Applied Media course is to bring together students of various talents and have them produce a wide range of dynamic multimedia content with the aim of disseminating this content on Washington Academy’s website and social media sites. Students will have the opportunity to learn and use videography, photography, blogging, vlogging, and various forms of social media.

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