Washington Academy
WA students by Maine ocean

Ten Reasons to Choose WA


Here are 10 reasons we hear most often why students enthusiastically recommend Washington Academy:

1. WA is welcoming.

Washington Academy is set in a town of less than 2,000  with a 14:1 student/teacher ratio so it has a real family feel. Strategies like pairing new students with local student mentors help them quickly feel at home.

2. WA is on Maine's coast.

WA makes the most of its coastal environment, including the school's four acres of waterfront property. Students stay active mountain-biking, hiking, and boating - learning how to responsibly enjoy and care for the earth.

3. WA is culturally diverse.

WA has 400 students, with 90 of them boarding students from all over the world. These students add a great deal to the school while gaining the unique New England education they're looking for.

4. WA is individualized.

Consultants often comment that there is a place for everyone at WA- students of all academic abilities and varied interests. The comprehensive curriculum and high-caliber faculty, some of whom are nationally recognized, make it all possible.

5. WA is an environmental leader.

In WA's coastal ecology program, students are making a real difference in preserving the coastal habitat. In this high-level, life-changing program, students learn about everything from creating seaweed biodiesel to restoring the Atlantic Salmon.

6. WA is safe.

Parents and consultants appreciate WA's small-town setting, along with the fact that so many adults live on campus. In East Machias, the school is still the center of the community- a place where parents, students, and educators truly look out for one another.

7. WA is hands-on.

Not all students are looking for a traditional academic program. WA also offers vocational programs in boat building, health occupations, engines, and culinary arts. Even coastal studies, though certainly academic, is very hands-on.

8. WA is four-season.

For city kids, being on a lobster boat or going downhill skiing is often very exotic! Year-round "road trips" help Washington Academy students experience the best of New England and Atlantic Canada.

9. WA is spirited.

WA offers many clubs, activities, and athletic teams. Washington Academy students are known as fierce yet gracious competitors- and fellow students, faculty, and community members are their greatest fans.

10. WA is real.

People often comment that there's something different about Washington Academy. One recent visiting parent said, "Everyone I've met at WA is so positive and considerate. It's not just politeness- it's real."