Washington Academy

Short Term Study Abroad

Take Advantage of life on the coast of Maine

Our Short Term Study Abroad Program is for students in grades 9 -12 and postgrads with a desire to study in the USA for a shorter amount of time than a traditional high school program. You tell us how long you want to stay...one month, two months, one semester, or even the whole year! You tell us when you want to come...fall, winter, spring, or even summer! A two-semester curriculum allows WA to offer you a full four (4) credits each semester with final exams in January and June. You can enroll for fall or spring term and still complete all four classes each term. Want a full year? That's eight (8) credits, two (2) terms, one (1) year. Shorter programs are available. With our flexible schedule that includes 9-week classes, you can complete several classes in one quarter of a year. These classes provide half credits, or 0.5 credit each upon completion.

Have only a month in between your school's terms? We can design a short program for you that includes academics as well as recreation - giving you the best possible experience in a short stay at WA.

View the brochure for more information on this exciting opportunity. Apply now or if you have questions, contact the Admissions Office by email or by calling (207) 255-8301 ext. 207.