Washington Academy

Day Students


Whether you are new to the area or a local student who is looking at attending Washington Academy, our faculty and staff are here to help. Making the transition to high school is often overwhelming and a little scary for most students. WA goes above and beyond to make the transition as smooth as possible.


If you live in the following towns you have the choice of where to attend high school:

Alexander, Beddington, Cathance Twp, Charlotte, Cherryfield, Cooper, Cutler, Dennysville, East Machias, Edmunds Twp., Indian Township, Jonesboro, Lubec, Machiasport, Marion Twp., Marshfield, Meddybemps, Northfield, Pembroke, Perry, Pleasant Point, Princeton, Robbinston, Roque Bluffs, Township 14, Trescott Twp., Wesley, Whiting, Whitneyville.

Don’t live in one of these towns but still want to come to WA?
Scholarships for local students whose towns do not have a choice of high school are available.

Contact Admissions

(207) 255-8301 ext. 207 or email