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Larson Library

The Larson Library at Washington Academy is committed to ensuring that all students are effective users of ideas and information. The Larson Library strives to provide the school community with a wide range of materials on appropriate levels of difficulty that will encourage growth in knowledge, establish a life-long love of reading, create responsible digital citizens, and foster information literacy.

Hours of Operation

The Larson Library operates on a flexible schedule. The library is open to students during study halls, locker break, and before and after school, Monday through Friday. Students may visit the library individually to use computers, check out books and periodicals, work on group projects or to complete homework during the school day or after school. Students often visit the school library as part of their classroom instruction. In order to ensure that all students become effective users of information, as per the school-wide Literacy Plan, all freshmen receive a mandatory library orientation and information literacy training via New Student Seminar. Follow-up instruction for all sophomores is provided through the history, English, and Science classes, as requested by classroom teachers.


Library materials are circulated using the automation system, Atrium provided by Book Systems. This is a web-based program that is accessible from school or from home. A plethora of resources are also provided on the library website to assist students conducting research, needing homework assistance, and/or technology instruction.

Contact Our Librarian

Arlene Porter '80
(207) 255-8301 ext. 217

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