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At Washington Academy, we recognize that there are few relationships as powerful as that between a gifted teacher and a willing student. We work diligently to maximize those learning opportunities by retaining accomplished faculty and getting to know each student personally.


Academic Program


Our courses are as diverse as our student body. Washington Academy’s curriculum addresses learners at every level, from vocational offerings in boat building and nursing to AP classes and college courses offered both locally and online. We also take advantage of our unique Maine environment through courses like Marine Biology, Coastal Ecology and Outdoor Leadership. Our Center for Dynamic Learning addresses the needs of students with unique challenges and all of our departments have embedded technology with best teaching practices.

Measuring Success


We recognize that an “A” isn’t the only measure of success. The educational experience is made up of challenges, activities, and outcomes that ultimately shape an individual during the foundational high school years. Our goal is to help students develop their potential through rigor, creativity, and collaboration.

For WA students, reaching their full potential has meant competing on award-winning Envirothon and Math teams, traveling the globe to aid the underprivileged, and building boats for use in the local community.

At Washington Academy, we are concerned about outcomes because we care for every student. We proudly boast one of the highest graduation rates and college placement rates in the entire state. Students gain acceptance across the country. From here you can go anywhere!


We invite you to browse our program of studies as you begin to chart your course for your high school career.

Tim Reynolds
Associate Head of School


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