Washington Academy

Head of School Provides Graduation Day Details





Class of 2020 Countdown to Graduation Graduation Day

 Saturday, June 13, 2020

Rain Date, Sunday, June 14, 2020

Machias Savings Bank Community Athletic Field

5:00 p.m.



The campus will be closed until parking begins at 3:30 PM and upon

arrival show your WA parking pass to a parking attendant and place

the pass on your vehicles left side dashboard and at this time each

graduate will be provided a WA mask. Once your vehicle is parked it

should be turned off and all passengers must remain in the vehicle

with the exception of seniors participating in the graduation



Ceremony Procedure

** Change – At the beginning of the ceremony, once you hear

pomp and circumstance playing over the sound system, seniors

will exit their vehicles and sit in chairs, six feet apart, in front of

the bleachers. Any senior who is uncomfortable sitting in the

chairs may remain in their vehicle.


Graduates will be called up alphabetically and will enter the bleachers

from the right set of stairs, pick up their diploma on the table on the

right and move to center stage and face the audience and pause for a

photo. Then they will move across the stage to the second table and

pick up their awards.


They will then exit the bleachers using the left stairs and stop briefly

at the WA Graduation Photo Booth for an individual photograph with

their diploma. Seniors will then return to their seats and wait for the ceremony to

conclude. The ceremony will conclude with seniors being asked to

stand for the official graduation proclamation, turning of the tassel,

and the traditional cap toss. Immediately following the ceremony

seniors should return to their family vehicle and parking attendants

will direct vehicles on how to exit the field.


Ceremony Live Feed, Broadcasting, Videography

The Class of 2020 Graduation Ceremony will be available via

2020 Graduation YouTube Live, it will also be broadcasted live on the local

radio station WALZ 95.3 Machias.


Professional videographer Drones Eye View, Inc. will be in attendance for aerial video footage.

A recorded video of the ceremony will be available on FB and YouTube within one week of the

ceremony and can also be obtained by contacting development@raider4life.org