Washington Academy

Albee Richardson Building Receives An Update






The Albee Richardson Building (AR) has received an update after being built nearly 57 years ago. The building sits at the foot of Washington Academy hill and overlooks the East Machias River. Raider alumni have many fond memories in the AR, including theatre performances, dance classes, movie nights, and various student activities. However, many students and East Machias residents might not know how the building received its name. 

Who are Albee and Richardson? Stephen Richardson and Ronald Albee were members of the Washington Academy Class of 1965. On November 15, 1964, they lost their lives in a drowning accident on Hadley's Lake in their senior year. Harry Richardson '68, Stephen's brother, describes Stephen and Ronald as wonderful, handsome, well-liked, and intelligent boys full of life and plans for their future. Their families, girlfriends, teachers, and many friends loved and respected them. Their deaths changed the lives of many and of East Machias itself. 

The recent AR update includes Washington Academy lettering affixed to the side of the building facing the East Machias River. The lettering is a welcoming sight for all students, staff, faculty, and visitors traveling across the bridge to campus. The letters were designed and constructed by Modern Day Apprenticeship (MDA) students using computer software and a computer numerical control machine. Mr. Brian Campbell instructs the MDA students. Washington Academy and Mr. Campbell introduced the MDA class three years ago, and the class continues to grow in popularity amongst students. Each year the program contributes to campus with improvement projects and building updates.