Washington Academy

Faculty and Staff Directory

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Rich Olivares

Titles: Associate Head of School
Departments: Administration

Arlene Porter '80

Titles: School Librarian, Media Specialist, Early College Coordinator
Departments: Career Tech, Library

Tammy Ramsdell

Titles: Administrative Assistant, Assistant to the Athletic Director
Departments: Administration, Athletics

Eloise Reynolds

Titles: Custodial & Maintenance
Departments: Maintenance, Custodial

Heidi Schwinn

Titles: School Nurse
Departments: Nursing

Heather Smith '96

Titles: Ed Tech III
Departments: Special Education

Marie Spencer

Titles: Kitchen Staff
Departments: Kitchen

Blaine Steeves

Titles: Dept Head (Physical Ed), Physical Education Teacher
Departments: Physical Education

Clifford Strout '99

Titles: Director of Facilities, Director of Transportation
Departments: Maintenance, Custodial

Chris A. Sunde

Titles: Dept Head (Science), Science Teacher, Math Teacher
Departments: Science, Math