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Faculty and Staff Directory

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Arlene Porter

Class of 1980
Titles: School Librarian/Media Specialist, Teens4Christ Advisor, Career Technology Department Head
Departments: Career Tech, Library

Tammy Ramsdell

Titles: Administrative Assistant, Assistant to the Athletic Director
Departments: Administration, Athletics

Tim Reynolds

Class of 1979
Titles: Associate Head of School
Departments: Administration

Shawn Schmitter

Class of 2003
Titles: Teacher
Departments: Career Tech, Vocational

Heidi Schwinn

Titles: School Nurse
Departments: Nursing

Amy Simmons

Titles: Teacher
Departments: Physical Education

Heather Smith

Class of 1996
Titles: Ed Tech
Departments: Special Education

Blaine Steeves

Titles: Teacher
Departments: Physical Education

Mick Strand

Titles: Guidance Counselor
Departments: Guidance

Sarah Strand

Titles: Teacher
Departments: Math