Washington Academy

Faculty and Staff Directory

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Steven Lynch

Titles: Teacher
Departments: History

Colleen Maker

Titles: Teacher
Departments: Science

Penny Manning

Titles: Study Hall Monitor
Departments: Study Hall

Judson McBrine

Titles: Head of School
Departments: Administration

Paula McBrine

Class of 1986
Titles: Teacher, English Department Head
Departments: English

Dawn McClure

Titles: Ed Tech lll
Departments: Special Education

Jacob Michaud

Titles: Teacher
Departments: English, Residential Faculty

Robin Moloff-Gautier

Titles: Director of Advancement/Residential Life
Departments: Residential Life, Development, Admissions

Christine Morris

Titles: Director of Guidance
Departments: Guidance

Kirby Murphy

Titles: Teacher
Departments: Special Education