Washington Academy

Faculty and Staff Directory

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Scott Harriman

Titles: Admissions Counselor, Teacher
Departments: Admissions, History

Carolyn Harrington

Titles: Technology Coordinator
Departments: Technology

Jill He

Titles: Chinese Teacher
Departments: World Languages, Residential Faculty

Amy Hodgdon

Titles: Ed Tech III
Departments: Special Education

Douglas Holmes

Titles: Head of Maintenance
Departments: Maintenance

Laura Huntley

Titles: Teacher
Departments: Science

Duane Ingalls

Titles: Ed Tech III
Departments: Special Education

Junia Lehman

Titles: Office Manager/Registrar
Departments: Guidance

Rebecca Lenfestey

Titles: JMG Teacher
Departments: Career Tech

Steve Libby

Titles: Teacher, Social Studies Department Head
Departments: History