Washington Academy

Faculty and Staff Directory

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Elizabeth Allen

Titles: Ed Tech lll
Departments: Special Education

Bonnie Atkinson

Titles: Teacher
Departments: Music

Nicole Baker

Class of 2000
Titles: Payroll and Benefits Specialist
Departments: Business Office

Ann Brown

Titles: Ed Tech III
Departments: Special Education

Brendon Cates

Class of 1995
Titles: Modern Day Apprenticeship Teacher
Departments: Career Tech, Vocational

Robbi Chaponis

Titles: Teacher, Mathematics Department Head
Departments: Math

Carol Coryea

Titles: Teacher
Departments: Science

Holly Costley

Class of 1988
Titles: Executive Assistant to the Head of School
Departments: Administration

Luke Cunningham

Titles: Teacher
Departments: English

Jason Dellagatta

Titles: Residential Staff, Personal Fitness Monitor
Departments: Residential Life