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Faculty and Staff Directory

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Elizabeth Allen

Titles: Ed Tech lll
Departments: Special Education

Carol E.S. Anthony

Titles: History Teacher
Departments: History

Islord Arroyo

Titles: Math Teacher
Departments: Math, Residential Faculty

Bill Ashby

Titles: Athletic Director
Departments: Athletics

Bonnie Atkinson

Titles: Dept Head (Visual & Performing Arts), Music Teacher
Departments: Music

Bobbie-Jo Brown

Titles: Accounting Specialist
Departments: Business Office

Ann Morgan Brown '92

Titles: Special Education Teacher
Departments: Special Education

Michael Campbell

Titles: English Teacher, Residential Faculty
Departments: English, Residential Faculty

Marissa May B. Carroll

Titles: Assistant Head of School
Departments: Administration

Brendon Cates '95

Titles: Modern Day Apprenticeship Teacher, Math Teacher
Departments: Math, Technology, Career Tech, Vocational