Washington Academy

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Faculty and Staff Directory

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Bonnie Atkinson

Titles: Teacher
Departments: Music

Joanne Ausprey

Titles: College Counselor
Departments: Guidance

Nicole Baker

Class of 2000
Departments: Business Office

Brian Campbell

Titles: Teacher
Departments: Math, Career Tech

Brendon Cates

Class of 1995
Titles: Teacher
Departments: Math

Robbi Chaponis

Titles: Teacher
Departments: Math

Holly Costley

Class of 1988
Titles: Executive Assistant to the Head of School
Departments: Administration

Luke Cunningham

Titles: Teacher
Departments: English, Residential Faculty

Gretchen DeSantis

Titles: Assistant Director of School and Nutrition Services
Departments: Kitchen

Kelly Donaghy

Titles: Administrative Assistant
Departments: Administration