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Planning for life after Washington Academy begins shortly after a student walks through the doors. It’s WA’s goal each year to have every grade 12 student go on to a post-secondary program whether it’s college, enlisting in the military, or entering a certification program after high school.

The following suggestions will be useful for your student during their time at WA:

It will ultimately be to your benefit to take courses that challenge you rather than courses that are too easy for your skill level. Try to build a high school transcript that shows you have explored rigorous courses and varied academic subjects.

In your four years here take every opportunity you can find to explore different interests. These experiences contribute to your journey to find a field of study or a profession that suits you. More importantly, these experiences contribute to your development as a lifelong learner.

Take any chance you can to tour a college or university. It’s also important to take the opportunity to intern or job shadow someone who works in a field that interests you.

Your teachers, coaches, and advocates are here to help you. If you don’t understand something, please be proactive in asking questions. If you need additional help in a subject, speak to your teacher who can help you outside of class or set you up with a tutor.


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