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Cutler Fishermen Support Community Tennis Courts

Four Cutler fishermen have provided leadership and major gifts in support of Washington Academy’s Capital Campaign. Brian Cates, Dean Crosman, Stephen Cates, and Nick Lemieux are now encouraging other Cutler lobster fishermen to do the same. The four fishermen  have contributed enough to construct one of the four tennis courts slated to be built in the spring of 2012 on the campus of Washington Academy and their goal is to raise an additional $50,000 to build another court. All being Washington Academy alumni, they recognize the important role WA plays in the life and education of local young  people. The four fishermen are optimistic that others in the fishing industry will rise to the challenge and be part of this extraordinary opportunity, bringing tennis courts to Washington Academy and the surrounding community.

To date, the campaign has raised 1.6 million dollars. During the community phase of the campaign, the goal is to raise the remaining $275,000 of the 1.875 million dollar project. The tennis courts and the cross country trail will be available for use by both students and community members. Everyone who takes part in the Capital Campaign will be recognized in the spring of 2012. If you would like more information on ways to participate, call the Washington Academy Development Office at 255-8301 ext. 220.

Classroom Corner

Last Friday, science teacher Malcolm Holmes took five students to Boothbay Harbor on a Marine Biology field trip. The enlightening experience was under the STEM initiative, and was reserved for 100 high school students in Maine. The five WA students shared it with five students in Lynn Alley's science class from Jonesport Beals. The day was spent at the Maine State Aquarium, with experts in the field, learning about what it takes to become a Marine Biologist, what such a professional does at a research aquarium, and what other jobs would be available in such a facility. Part of the day was also focused on methods of improving local fisheries.   

First Quarter NHS Inductions

WA is proud to welcome the following students into the National Honor Society:  

Seniors:  Cody Sprague, Monica Xu, Shelby Whitman,
Shadia Brooke Wood, Lily Richards and Victoria Webber.
Juniors:  Jacob Schoppee, Kara Graham, Jessa Cushing,
Gabrielle Colbeth, Dewey Sheehan, Matthew Plaisted,
Natalie Jones, Nathan Weaver and Katerina Graham.  
Sophomores:  Ryan Denbow, Rebecca Whitney, Gianna Porter, Hannah Sprague, Charlotte Mickelinc, Sarah Sinford and Kassidy Seeley.  The NHS Selection Committee elects new members at the end of the First and Third Quarters.

Washington Academy 1st-Quarter Honor Roll

Judson L. McBrine, Head of School at Washington Academy in East Machias, has announced the first-quarter honor roll for the 2011-2012 school year as follows:

Grade 9:  High Honors (All A’s):  Lucia Aretakis, Toni Bridges, Shiyu Cao, Lorelei Domke, Gage Feeney, Delaney Gardner, William Giero, Briannah LaBelle, Miranda Mahar, Rachelle Murray, Madeleine Seeley, Caroline Shepard, Hayley Simmonds, Qianchen Yuan; Honors (All A’s and B’s): Zoe Baxter, Alayna Caricofe, Constance Carver, John Curry, Tasha Cushing, Katelin Davis, Luis DelValle, III, Heather Farren, Brittany Finney, Nicholas Fitzsimmons, Emily Grant, Will Hopkins, Doran Huckins, Catherine Jamieson, Christina Jodway, Tara Legris, Mercedes McCoy, Emily Rose O’Neil, Sierra Prescott, Lauren Raye, Tucker Sheehan, Paige Sinford, Nate’a Stevens, Kyle Taylor, Elizabeth Wakeman, Colbath Warner

Grade 10: High Honors (All A’s): Natalie Branca, Xi Cheng,  Emily Day, Dominique DelValle, Megan Dupee, Maria Gil Rodriguez, Summer Hodgdon, Emma Huntley, Micah McBrine, Charlotte Mickelinc,  Sheldon Otto, Ashley Rier, Taylor Roos, Kassidy Seeley, Jiahao Shen, Jiahao Song, Rebecca Whitney;  Honors (All A’s and B’s): Kelsea Antil-Haskins, Madisein Ashby, Keirstin Barker, Corbin Bennett, Katherine Berry, Hailey Cates-Wright, Blayne Chaffey, Tyler Cobb, Brett Crocker, Taylor Cushing, Ryan Denbow, Chelsea Dupee, Taylor Durling, Alexis Foss, Emma Garretson, Chelsea Holmes, Dong Uk Lee, Jionghui Li, Ali Librizzi, Yichen Liu, Alexandrea Manning, Bryant Marsh, Marta Montero-Moreno, Justina Morang, Nguyen Ngoc Hong,  Thoren Peters, Gianna Porter, Amanda  Preston, Aiden Shankland, Qinming Shi, Sarah Sinford, Baylee Smith, Hannah Sprague, Paige Sprague, Jacob Sunde, Jiahao Wang,  Jishu Wen, Kristina Wood

Grade 11: High Honor (All A’s):  Jillian Day, Mackenzie Foss, Brandon Graham, Tai-ann Hatch, Dana Herrick, Hayley Holt, Yizhe Hu, Jiaming Jiang, Torin Jones, Xueyu Li, Alex Mahoney, Matthew Payne-Thompson, Nigel Pingree, Ben Rose, Jia Wei Shi, Tri Minh Vo, Tyler Warner; Honors (All A’s and B’s): Emmanuel Aretakis, Delesdenier Ashby, Alan Beam, Stephanie Bennett, Bokai Cai, Na Cai, Brianne Corey, Jessa Cushing, Brandon Day, Libo Fan, Kevin Francis, Kara Graham, Katerina Graham, Patrick Hatch, Weiyi Hou, Wei Yen Huang, Jamaal Johnson, Gabriella Jones, Natalie Jones, Jihun Kim, Sai Liang, Yalun Lin,  Dylan Lingley, Chang Liu, Nakita Matthews, Tamika Matthews, Matthew Plaisted, Jesse Redman, Breana Riquier, Jacob Schoppee, Dewey Sheehan, Chenqi Shi, Matthew Stanhope, Kelsey Tinker, Maureen Trundy, Liren Wang, Nathan Weaver, Ming Yan, Xukai Yi, Rachel Young, Sichao Zhou, Xue Jian Zhou

Grade 12: High Honors (All A’s): Taylor Ackley, Ashley Beam, Heather Blythe,  Chad Denbow, Elaine Fitzsimmons, Michaela Girard, Jennifer Gonce, Nicole Harman, Lynnsey Hartford, Michael Henry, Anthony Hinojosa, Tyler Holt, Brittney Jamieson, Jennifer Johnson, Emily Jones, Rachael Mahar, Katerina Pacakova, Courtney Pearson, Lauren Quirk, Amber Renshaw, Lily Richards,  Kelly Sawyer, Diwen Shi, Matthew Talbot, Chadia Uwamahoro, Shelby Whitman, Kirsti Wright, Zuxi Yan, Anne Zegers; Honors (All A’s and B’s): Bryan Albee, Michael Beam, Cody Colbeth, Shayne Cummings, Alexander Currier, Tyler Durling, Meghan Faulkingham, Austin Foss, Zachary Gamertsfelder, Felipe Garcia, Wade Griffin, Lizi Gu, Jessie Hardy, Mary Clare Hayward, Rebecca Hayward, Brandelyn Hodgdon, Aaron Huffman, Dakota Johnson, Joseph Kilton, Wen Hao Li, Bing Liang, RuoFan Liu, Yunqing Ma, Jacob Mallar, Matthew McCaslin, Kristen Miller, Crystal Naylor, An Nguyen, Carolina Palacios, John Preston, Jr., Zachary Ragot, Jermaine Rattray, Jordan Reynolds, Michael Riley, Colby Sawtelle, Michael Sawtelle, Sophia Schmauderer, Rustam Sharafeyev, Kaylyn Smith, Cody Sprague,  Jesse Stevens, Joshua Tinker, Victoria Webber, Brooke Wood, QiWen Xu, Qian Yu, Shenyue Zhu
WA Players Convince Crowd to Love Shakespeare

Drama November Photo

On November 17th through November 19th, the WA Players presented three performances of "I Hate Shakespeare," a hilarious comedy by Steph Deferie demonstrating the misconception that the bard's body of work is "boring and irrelevant." The talented student cast drew laughter and applause from the packed house. The immense effort the thespians put into the complex production, along with the skill evidenced in the staging, lighting and sets, resulted in a truly delightful evening. We look forward to seeing what WA's exceptional drama department comes up with in the Spring for the one act play!

Have a Great Thanksgiving!

Reminder that Thursday, November 24th and Friday, November 25th are school holidays in observance of Thanksgiving.

First Math Meet

WA will be hosting its first Math Meet of the season on Wednesday, November 30th. The competition will take place from 3:30-6 in the cafeteria and study hall.

Congratulations to all students on the First Quarter Honor Roll, and those newly inducted into NHS! Your strong commitment to academics is admirable.

Find information about ways to support WA's Capital Campaign here. Thank-you for your dedication to our efforts to serve school and community.