Class Agents

Washington Academy Class Agents are the sparks that bring together their class for Reunion Weekend and Homecoming. Their goal is to recruit and motivate an enthusiastic committee to help make their class reunion a special time of reconnecting and sharing memories.

What is a class agent? Washington Academy Class Agents act as liaisons between the members of the class and the Alumni Office. Responsibilities include assisting the Alumni Office with reunion planning; assisting the Alumni Office with Annual Fund solicitation; and assisting the Alumni Office in maintaining good biographical information for their classmates.

Interested in becoming a class agent? Contact the Alumni Association, or the Development Office at 207-255-8301 ex. 208, or by email.

WA offers its alumni a number of ways to reconnect with their classmates, including class pages on Facebook. If your class doesn’t already have a page, Ashley Maker in the Alumni/Development Office can help you create one. You can call her at (207) 255-8301, ext. 208 or send her an email.

Class Year 
Class Agent Class Facebook Page
1949 Lois (Ingalls) Sprague  
1950 Hovey Hall  
1951 Eleanor (Ingalls) Fochesato  
1952 Class Agent Needed  
1953 Class Agent Needed  
1954 Ellen (Scott) Weed  
1955 Richard Young
Dolores (Scoville) Hanson
1956 Class Agent Needed  
1957 Marcia (Mason) Bernhardt  
1958 Class Agent Needed
1959 Anna Geel  
1960 Bettina (Pettegrow) Davis  
1961 Class Agent Needed  
1962 Charles Henderson  
1963 Bill Corbett  
1964 Class Agent Needed
1965 Class Agent Needed
1966 Donald Vose  
1967 Class Agent Needed
1968 Christie (Bailey) Bryant  
1969 Barry Wood  
1970 Jolene (Maker) Wood  
1971 Class Agent Needed  
1972 Brian Cates  
1973 Wayne Tuell  
1974 Kathy (Quimby) Harmon
Franklin Johnson
1975 Vicki (Kilton) Porter  
1976 Kathie (Small) Ramsdell  
1977 Donald Brown  
1978 Alison (Davis) Maxell  
1979 John Cushing  
1980 Arlene (Huntley) Porter  
1981 Traci (Prout) Sanborn  
1982 Chris Sprague  
1983 Kelley (Ward) Scoville
Paula Brown
1984 Sherry (Ramsdell) Radeka 1984
1985 Angela (Colbeth) Fochesato  
1986 Class Agent Needed  
1987 MaryEllen (Henderson) Day 1987
1988 Tara (Hatt) Bartko  
1989 Heather (Dennison) Vose 1989
1990 Class Agent Needed 1990
1991 Rebecca (Verburgt) Weaver  
1992 Jennifer (Ackley) Wickett 1992
1993 Wanda (Seeley) Kirshman 1993
1994 Stacie Cushing  
1995 Class Agent Needed  
1996 Class Agent Needed  
1997 Meghan (Gaddis) Dennison 1997
1998 Jennifer Jones  
1999 Dean McGuire  
2000 Class Agent Needed  
2001 Class Agent Needed  
2002 Emily (Mawhinney) Fitzsimmons 2002
2003 Ashley (Radeka) Maker 2003
2004 Tara Poole
2005 Class Agent Needed  
2006 Class Agent Needed  
2007 Class Agent Needed  
2008 Cassie (Craven) Cross 2008
2009 Danielle Tarbell  
2010 Lacie (Craven) Glidden  
2011 Jordan Spencer 2011
2012 Ashley Beam